Amanda Marsh

My work has always dealt in some way, with states of
consciousness and intention. I am curious about the
context in which intentions are formed and enacted,
the images, patterns and information, which combine
to form them; the ways they lead to comprehension
and perhaps action.

The recurring, central theme in my work is the search
for passing mental states, intentionality, the ‘qualia’
that phenomenologist philosophers understand to be
the only way to attain knowledge of things and events
‘as they are’. I attempt to ‘depict’ such states visually;
I switch media from painting to installation to video. I
work with the media best able to convey the idea or
narrative. Painting and sculpture tend towards the
representation of an intentional state. My video work on
the other hand is an attempt to force a mirroring of my
intentions within the viewer experiencing the work,
mainly through the narrative.

NEWS: Jan-Feb & Nov-Dec 2017
NES Artist Residency, Iceland